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Press and Media

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What They Say

“Hilariously funny and pungently perceptive. National identity, heritage and culture are hung out to dry and scrutinised for holes in the fabric of nostalgic mythology. What's really impressive, apart from the cast's spot-on comic timing, tuneful singing and willingness to wear awful costumes, is how a cunningly cooked-up joke can contain so many chewy questions about changes in a society and its values.”
Mary Brennan, The Herald

“The combination of ideas, styles, jokes, songs and semiotics is unlike anything you will have seen before... There is a relish for the theatrical, for Scottishness in all its weirdness, for asking big questions even if you don’t have all the answers, which is distinctly bracing.”
Robert Dawson Scott, The Times

“Fish & Game deliver [Otter Pie] with terrific theatricality and flair”
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“Otter Pie managed to integrate disco choreography, Presbyterian fatalism and sophisticated slap-stick humour into a satisfying meditation on the challenges facing Scotland in the twenty-first century. Although it was approachable and received with wild applause and laughter, Otter Pie moved and provoked, struggling to find a way to explore the complexities and ironies of a devolved country. At a time when national politics can be upsetting and funny for all the wrong reasons, Fish & Game suggest that Scotland is finding a distinctive voice: inclusive and radical, they examined the problems without descending into maudlin self-pity.”
Gareth Vile, G41 Magazine

“I absolutely loved the show.  My only complaint was that I should have been warned that I would need a packet of tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter that streamed down my face for most of the show.” 
Carole Williams, audience member

“The excellent Fish & Game”
The Skinny Magazine