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Tour Blog

Otter On Set

The Otter's Blog - Thursday 6 November 2008

So, the Otter Pie tour has officially commenced! And it’s all going otterly fantastic, except for one thing…


It would seem that some members of the cast felt that I was getting above myself, so they left me in my private dressing room without telling me it was time to begin! I mean really! Getting above myself am I? Well let me ask you, is the show called ‘Eilidh MacKaskill Pie’?! Is the show called ‘Laura Bradshaw Pie’?!?! No, I think you will find it’s not.

Anyway, I made darn sure of my attendance on night two, and of course dragged the sorry lot behind me for the entire 80 minutes. But hey, I’m not one to hold a grudge, I’m just one little otter, trying to do my best in this world.

Anyhoo, have to pop off, we are off to Inverness next week, that only gives me 5 days to stride the red carpet – Toodelooh!

Here I am overseeing the packing up of the set - that's it girls, roll it straight now...

otter in the bag

They can try to put me in the bag, but I'll be watching them

Hallowe'en Otter

The Otter's Blog - Sunday 2 November 2008

With the team hard at work in the rehearsal studio, I’ve been taking some time out to celebrate Hallowe’en. Here’s me in my Min-otter costume - spooktacular, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Excitement is mounting for the start of the tour - the show was a pick of the week in The Guardian Guide, The Edinburgh Evening News and The Scotsman (where it was one above Leonard Cohen - bad luck, Lenny). You can also read an interview with the Fish & Gamers by The Skinny here and make sure you listen out for them chatting away on BBC Scotland’s Radio Café on Tuesday 4th November at 1.30pm.

Perhaps most importantly of all, my little ramblings have been picked up on by The Metro How thrilling- I’ll try and keep my ego in check.

Trust I’ll be seeing you all soon - if you haven’t got your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Click here for full tour dates, booking info and all that malarkey.

Roll on this Tuesday night in Paisley - for any otter spotters out there, I’ll be at the box office rocking my new Paisley patterned shawl!

Otter Pie Otters

The Otter's Blog - Tuesday 28 October 2008

Hello all, Otter here!

Well, the tour is fast approaching, and it’s been a very busy and exciting time for us all! The cast have been remembering how to do their choreographed disco/ceilidh versions of Sunset Song, and all the little Otter Pie Beavers have been busy making the beautiful Otter Pie tartan floor! (I would have helped but Otters don’t create their own habitats in the same manner as beavers) Thanks Otter Pie Beavers!

Meanwhile, I have been practicing my most stolid facial expression yet. It’s so good it even unnerves me a little. Though of course I don’t show that because that would destroy the stolidity of my expression, thus ruining the tour and wasting the arts council’s money.

I’m afraid it’s not all fun and games however, which is bad for me because Otters are traditionally playful animals - for example we sometimes slide repeatedly down snowy slopes for no other reason but sheer enjoyment, because you see we are so effective as a species that we don’t actually need to focus so hard on our own survival and pro-creation, and instead can focus on play, which is of course, a very important part of psychological development and therefore Evolution – but as I say, it’s not all fun and games for me, because I have grave news…

Rumour on the river is… that…

…Otter Pie is going back on the menu at Tramway…

…in both vegetarian and meaty option!


Keep checking back for more blog posts as the tour gets under way!