The otter thinks about the show
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Otter Pie

A Fish & Game Production

Otter Pie was created, written and adapted by Fish & Game collaboratively with the performers:

Laura Bradshaw as Jean Guthrie, The Ghost of Jean Guthrie and herself

Nic Green as Marget Strachan, Chae Strachan, Long Rob of the Mill, Alec and Dod Guthrie, A Poacher, A Crooked Bailer, A Doctor, The English Chris Guthrie and herself

Eilidh MacAskill as Chris Guthrie, literary metaphor of the Scottish nation and herself

Thom Scullion as The Narrator

Murray Wason as John Guthrie and himself

Jodie Wilkinson as Will Guthrie and herself

Robert Walton Director

Claire Halleran Designer

Trent Kim Lighting Designer

Lorna Duguid Producer

Lynfryn MacKenzie Production Manager

James Gardner Production Technician

Ruth Marsh Press & Marketing

Thomas Scullion Education Officer

Robert Walton Web Designer

Sarah Hopfinger & Nick Anderson Production Assistants

The company gratefully acknowledge the work of the following writers:
Lewis Grassic Gibbon for writing Sunset Song
Billy Collins for writing Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes
Bill Bryson for writing The Complete History of Nearly Everything
Carol Craig for writing The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence
Martin Seligman for writing Authentic Happiness
Bill Duncan for writing The Wee Book of Calvin

Fish & Game are Eilidh MacAskill and Robert Walton

The company would like to thank…
Tramway and all of Tramway’s staff, too numerous to mention. The Dràma Na h’Alba and The Craigmonie Centre teams. Dr Carole Craig and the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing, Mutley and the Studio Warehouse, Deborah Richardson-Webb and the Contemporary Performance Practice and Technical and Production Arts Programmes at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Lauren Bianchi, Daniel Dixon, James Leadbitter, Ryan Galbraith, Peter McMaster, Giant Productions, Meryl Gilbert, Naomi Shoba, The Lewis Grassic Gibbon Centre in Arbuthnott, Lynda Radley, Gareth Nicholls, The Mitchell School of Drama.

Floor-taping Posse October 2008
Nick Anderson, Alyson McKechnie, Joanne Lindsay, Vivian Hullen, Kevin Wratten, Hlynur Palson, Sam Phillips, Kieran Johnson & the company.